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Cow's Milk Made Without Cows

what we do


We develop animal-free dairy products that taste and function identically to the real thing. By using precision fermentation with our special microbes, we can produce milk proteins which are the secret sauce that gives dairy products their distinct properties and flavors, without using a single cow.

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why we do

"If eating makes us all happy, true happiness would be knowing that what we eat has no harm to our beloved planet, animals, and our health."

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Cows are forcedly impregnated in order to produce milk. The calves are then separated from their mothers within the first few hours of birth. The cycle of physical and mental abuse repeats every year.

Cow and Calf

There are no cows involved in our milk and dairy production processes, so no more animal cruelty. Cow and calf are now able to live happily ever after!

Image by Olga Kononenko


Cow's milk contains hormones, cholesterol, antibiotics, heavy metal, and puss, which can lead to a wide range of serious health problems.

Happy Twins

Our dairy products do not contain hormones, cholesterol, antibiotics, heavy metals, or cow's pus. It is, indeed, healthier!

Image by Matt Palmer


Without a doubt, the dairy industry is the leading cause of deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. It also uses a large amount of land, water, grain, and other resources.

Image by Luca Bravo

Our production process can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as land and water use, by up to 90%. This is the more sustainable and efficient method of producing milk.


how we do

1. fermentation

Similar to the brewing industry, we use microbes and fermentation processes to make our products. Instead of producing alcohol, our special microbes are trained to produce the milk proteins.

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2. formulation

The milk proteins are then purified and formulated into delicious dairy products.

3. future!

Tada! Here come the dairy products that have a similar taste and texture to traditional ones, but are made without the use of a single cow!

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